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InGame Fantasy Baseball

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InGame Fantasy Baseball

Ever wish you could play fantasy sports DURING games? Thanks to InGame Fantasy, now you can. Draft players in real time and play just like the real thing -- with runs, outs, and innings.

Play for fun or for cash -- ALL GAMES ARE GUARANTEED TO RUN. Join a game and start drafting immediately.

Put your manager’s cap on and experience the truest test of fantasy skill. If your leadoff hitter doubles, that's a runner on 2nd base. If your next pick homers, that’s a two-run jack!

Having to make real-time selections levels the playing field, meaning you actually have a chance of winning, unlike the salary cap format seen in most daily fantasy games.

While InGame Fantasy is the ultimate drafting experience for fantasy fans, you can still play at your own pace whenever there are live sporting events in progress. Make picks while you're watching the game or watching your kids.

You can also play all day and night with historical data in our Batting Practice mode!