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Now is the time to take Infor d/EPM to the road!

Infor d/EPM mobile app makes the Infor d/EPM platform more mobile than ever. With the native d/EPM app for your iPad, iPhone or MacBook you can create stunning dashboards with Application Studio reports, animated charts, graphics and maps – and with the WebView widget you can even extend your dashboards with any Web content. While you're on the move and need a quick decision, just use your iPhone to view your latest business dashboards. And when you are back at your workstation, you can have fun with your dashboard in your web browser.
Infor d/EPM is mobile, cross-platform, flexibly integrated and enjoyable!

Getting started:
Feel free to take the application on the test ride with the sample content on our demo server. Explore the demo dashboards and charts behind the “Dashboards” and “Demo” tabs in the application menu, view and interact with them, try printing, link sharing and even sharing annotated screenshot. With paired Apple Watch you can have the most important data right on your wrist. You can also try creating completely new dashboards on your iPad. Drag or click the reports in the “+” Add content dialog, position them on a dashboard and see how it feels to move and resize the widgets, to swap their positions and to push other widgets away by adding a second finger. You can even create stories, easily readable report consisting of charts, texts and other elements.

About Infor:
Infor is a global and leading provider of Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management solutions. All requirements for reporting, analytics, dashboards, planning, budgeting, forecasting and statutory consolidation can be fulfilled within an integrated BI platform. Infor is the world's third-largest supplier of enterprise applications and services, helping more than 90,000 large and mid-sized companies improve operations and drive growth across numerous industry sectors.
Note: By downloading this mobile application, you acknowledge to reading and agreeing to the corresponding end user license agreement.
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