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Designed for deaf-blind and those who rely on touch to get info
On Apple Watch: Conveys info via taps on wrist
On iPhone: Conveys info via vibrations
No external keyboard required!

Get these details as vibrations:
-Date and day of week
-Battery level
-Numbers entered manually
-Text from camera
-Morse Code Typing

On Apple Watch you can conveniently access app features using:
-Siri watch face

On iPhone you can access app features using:
-Back Tap
Video instructions for setting up Back Tap:

On the Apple Watch app, we offer the added benefit of being able to scroll through the vibrations 1-by-1 using the Digital Crown.

Social Media:
Twitter: @adarshhasija

You can also email us at any time with feedback or questions at [email protected]
Adarsh Hasija