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Info Notifier

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Info Notifier

Info Notifier is a required part of the Incident Management Server (IMS), which is available in the Mac Appstore.

Calling for Help, Info Notifier and the Incident Management Server are part of a dedicated, high-priority communication channel. With Calling for Help, a user would issue an important alert, which would be dispatched by IMS and received by Info Notifier.

Info Notifier repeats incoming alert several times with a clearly audible alarm tone and vibration alert. A server system monitors user responses and alerts other users in the alarm chain, if necessary. The system can also alarm multiple users at once (group alarm). In any case, the IMS ensures that important information receives the priority it deserves. Alerts are so noticeable that it is ensured that a person will wake up from sleep.

Info Notifier offers the following Functions:

- Single Alarm
- Group Alarm
- Cascade Alarm

The receiver of an alert knows immediately who issued the alert and where it took place and can respond to the incident in a time-bound and effective manner.
The Incident Management System is applicable for families and small businesses. Children can carry the Calling for Help App on the iPhones and alert their parents when they need help. Because parents receive their children’s alerts on this special channel, they do know that they need to react. One never knows if a phone call is important or not. So often parents take a call believing it is important, just to find out that it wasn’t. This is a thing of the past with the Incident Management System.

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