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Infiniti Virtual Key

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Infiniti Virtual Key

The Infiniti Virtual Key offers a quick way to quickly access your vehicle from your smartphone, replacing the key fob. This app enables you to seamlessly share your vehicle with family and friends by creating multiple Virtual Keys and managing them from your smartphone.

Lock, unlock and start your Infiniti via Bluetooth
Using your smartphone, simply log into the app and press one of the key fob icons to lock, unlock, start the engine, or open the trunk of your vehicle from a distance. As a safety precaution, the engine can only be started by pressing the brake pedal and pushing the start engine button located in the vehicle.

Share and manage virtual keys
When you want to give someone access to your vehicle, easily create and send them a Virtual Key. Once the invite is accepted, they will be able to use the Infiniti Virtual Key app to access and control your vehicle based on the permissions and time period you’ve allowed. You can also revoke access from within the app. You can share up to 7 Virtual Keys.

Manage multiple vehicles
The Infiniti Virtual Key can be used to access and control multiple vehicles simultaneously from one vehicle owner account. It can also be used to see the usage history of every vehicle with Virtual Keys that you own.

Please note: The Infiniti Virtual Key requires the installation of an Infiniti Virtual Key device on the vehicle.
Please visit your Infiniti dealership and ask for the Infiniti Virtual Key Kit.