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Inferno for Firebase

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Inferno for Firebase

Reimagine and Discover a new way of navigating your Firebase Database with Inferno, the beautiful Firebase Client. Optimized for both developers and database administrators in mind to provide a compelling new way of viewing, editing, and monitoring your database.

- Easy Authentication with any google account that has access to your database.
- Manage multiple accounts and easily switch between them (included with Inferno Pro).
- State of the Art views for each field type.
- So much customization to make Inferno your own.
- Breakthrough searching to filter out exactly what document you are looking for through it’s ID, date created or updated, or fields (field type, field value or field name)
- Gorgeous Toast Alerts to let you know exactly what is going on behind the screen working with your database.
- Privacy focused, with your access tokens stored and encrypted in your iCloud Keychain. We will never collect any of your database’s information.
- Simply fast database usage metrics that let you monitor any time period you would like.
- Auto Dark Mode that analyzes your current brightness and time of day to determine whether you need dark mode or light mode (included with Inferno Pro). P.S. both look great.
- Secure Inferno with biometrics to make sure you are the only one with access to it (Included with Inferno Pro)
- Download your databases in json format (included with Inferno Pro).

Coming Soon
- Easily delete multiple documents or collections.
- Usage Alerts & Notifications to alert you of any suspicious database activity (included with Inferno Pro).
- Don’t worry about any database accidents using Inferno with the Undo button (included with Inferno Pro).
- Add documents with suggested fields that analyze the documents you are dealing with and provide you similar fields so you don’t have to fill them in each time (included with Inferno Pro).
- Move documents or collections to different collections or projects (included with Inferno Pro).
- Copy and Paste Documents (included with Inferno Pro).
- Rename Documents and Collections (included with Inferno Pro).
- And much more!

Inferno requires you to have an existing Firebase account and database. You will need to sign in through Google with a database authorized Firebase account.
We are not responsible for anything you do in Inferno with your database.

Not Affiliated with Google.
Created by Peter Khouly.

Terms of Use
Peter Khouly