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Inertia Pro

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Inertia Pro

Inertia Pro is a completely new forcing app that relies on a diabolical new principle.

Inertia Pro lets you force *anything* on *any website*... whilst the spectator is looking at the phone.

It’s built in to a web browser, allowing you to use it to force pretty much anything, such as:

• An Instagram photo or video on ANY profile.
• A specific item for sale on eBay.
• Any Netflix movie.
• A product from Amazon.
• A line of text or single word on a news website.
• Any photo from Google Images.
• ...and so much more!

(Note: The page used is completely genuine - this will work on ANY website the spectator chooses, and in ANY language!)

“Marc is without doubt the single greatest mentalism app creator I know. From design to execution, his apps are absolutely flawless.
Inertia Pro is a prime example of why I trust in his work so implicitly, it is jaw droppingly good and represents one of the most cutting-edge mentalism releases to date!”
- Michael Murray

ALSO - Inertia Pro: Momentum now also lets you use Inertia Pro on a spectator's phone.
With multiple pairing methods available and a redirect process, Momentum is an extra purchase within Inertia Pro that will let you perform the same effect using your spectator's phone.

WikiTest Pro Tools users can even use further integrations between Inertia Pro: Momentum.

If you have Xeno, you can create your own sites for use with Inertia Pro, or use any of the Xeno Sites available in the gallery.

And... you can perform Inertia Pro with any Xeno Site remotely! This can all happen on the spectator's device, without you touching it.
Perfect for Zoom shows or long-distance performances!

The Jerx wrote this about Inertia Pro:

“You know those phone forces where you would hold the phone upside down and have them scroll blindly and whatever picture or item they landed on would be forced (usually because their scrolling wasn’t doing anything)?

Well, this app allows you to do that type of force face-up while the spectator looks at the phone.

It’s so good and *feels* exactly like it should.”
- Andy @ The Jerx


Inertia is for entertainment purposes only, designed for professional performers. This app does not provide true mind reading abilities or anything similar.

Please get in touch to discuss TV or video performance rights.
Marc Kerstein