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The Perfect HODLR for All Your Cryptocoins!

This gorgeous app was crafted to be simple while giving you great power to learn, track, and exchange coins with the new Changelly integration. 

Users love the simple Watchlist that gets you going from the start.
Power users will love the Wallet, Tracker and Exchange features.

While the app is cloud based allowing you to log in from any device, we only store the sensitive data like your private keys in Apple's very secure Encrypted Keychain Cloud. This is a very convenient feature making hardware wallets unnecessary.

The Watchlist Screen comes up preset with a few coins. This is your introduction to the world of INDX01. Tap a coin and set it to show on your the widget page or on your Apple Watch. 

INDX01 looks great on the Apple Watch too. Just flick that wrist and show off charts, prices and more.

Our simplified Wallet first approach allows you to easily create trackers to organize your views. Our Summary Tracker is great and allows you to import many BTC wallets and have the holding be summed up on one line.

Our Coinbase and CoinbasePro integration has expanded. And, remember, we keep all your sensitive credentials in Apple's Secure Encrypted Keychain so you can feel confident linking the app to Coinbase.

All Coinbase, Coinbase Pro, and Bitcoin and Ethereum public addresses, can all be looked up automatically. I

All this just the beginning - We have exciting plans in the works. And if you have any ideas and suggestions for how we can improve our app, please send them!

As always, keep HODLing!