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IndiceUV shows the UV index in terms of your current location.
The application which is simple to use shows the UV index of the current day with advice on the measure of protection.

Shows the numerical value of the UV index.
Shows advice concerning the current UV index
Shows the place where you are geolocated
Integrated timer to limit your exposure to sun
Dynamic screen with 3D effect concerning the UV index

And available on all platforms!
Compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV

iPhone /iPad widget showing UV index and advice
Apple Watch application showing UV index and advice
3 Apple Watch complications allowing to follow the UV index in real time.
Apple TV application to follow the UV index directly on your TV.
Split View on iPad.

The UV index allows you to assess the risk for your health when exposing to sun at a certain time and a certain place.
Craig Josse