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INCUS helps you to understand and use complex performance data when swimming and running. With unique wearable technologies and advanced cloud analytics, we provide automated, clear feedback to improve your performance.

Monitor and share your swim and run training and progress with ease using the INCUS | CLOUD app, viewing session data quickly and clearly with beautiful, interactive graphs. Suitable for coaches and individuals, INCUS provides technical information in a simple, visual format, to help you to train more effectively, and achieve your goals.

Whether your focus is on performance, or efficiency, INCUS | CLOUD provides a new and effective way to explore and share your training data. The CLOUD automatically crunches the numbers for you, showing results immediately, to apply straightaway in session, or to review at home.

Swim sessions are automatically broken down into sets, reps, and lengths, and can be navigated with ease. View pace, distances, split times, stroke rates, and World-first INCUS measurements including Swim Economy™, Body Angles (body roll and pitch), body balance and much more.

Use the INCUS | CLOUD App to start and stop running sessions and post session view your GPS Map alongside metrics such as pace, cadence, power, elevation, take-off acceleration, landing deceleration, flight time and ground contact time. Organise your training quickly and effectively with the session calendar, that presents all of your sessions at a glance. Log training stress, rate how you feel, and make a note of any injuries with the session logbook, for you to evaluate your progress over time.

A single, seamless platform for data collection, analysis and evaluation, INCUS signifies a new era in endurance sport monitoring. Developed and scientifically tested at the home of sport, Loughborough, UK, INCUS allows you to explore your story through data and understand the details that matter to you.

This app requires an INCUS | NOVA device. The NOVA device is used for recording your sessions, and transferring the data to the app.

We recommend using a device with Bluetooth 5 for faster file transfers (iPhone 8 and up). Please note that devices using Bluetooth 4.2 are still supported but may lead to a reduced experience.
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