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In Arrivo! HD

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In Arrivo! HD

The one stop application for environment- and money-wise commuters in Rome, Milan, London and soon Scandinavia.

* One app for all of your commuting in Rome, Milan and London and soon Scandinavia.
* Call or directly reserve a taxi without experiencing the burden of reserving them by reservation services.
* Point and click waiting times and directions calculations
* Direct table based access to near stops, buses, taxis and favorites
* Share paths and portals (premium feature) with other users
* Free notifications about all the major events regarding the app
* Universal version for all you iOS devices
* The Today Notifications screen offers arrival buses without even opening the app
* AppleWatch version!
* Accessible for visually impaired people and people with other disabilities
* In app add-ons to organize activities in a future time or different location
* Trigger alerts on the arrival of the next bus of interest
* More locations continually added; not served locations may however temporarily use the taxi and social features.

Just open the application to immediately see the stops around you as annotations on the map, and the moving buses (in served locations), and taxis.

Touch a stop to get the list of available and arriving buses; directly touch a bus to know its next stop, destination and route; touch a taxi to have more information about it or to reserve it to your location without any additional fee nor need to enter advanced payment information.

If there are too many stops in the location where you are, so making it complex to find or select the one you are interested in, just click on the button on the top left to view the lines passing nearby in a comfortable table and access the waiting times directly from there, also possibly filtering the results, or get close to the stop to have its waiting table automatically being opened.
Selected stations show the walking path from the user's location on the map.

By entering a destination in the top field, it is possible to receive the directions to there from wherever you are in a few seconds by selecting among public transportations (in served locations), taxi - knowing how much it would cost you to get there thanks to the embedded virtual taximeter-, car, walk, hitchhiking or socially. All of this information may also be obtained by long touching the destination on the map and selecting the mean. Your use of this real time route guidance feature, included the part provided for by the transit agencies, is at your sole risk. Location Data may not be accurate. You board strangers' private cars at your sole risk.
Frequent destinations are saved for future use.

The app continues to localize the user in background to show the anonymous users' locations to taxi drivers and to trigger localized events like the stations passed while riding a bus, or the waiting times of a stop to which you are nearby; please consider that "Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life."

For any review there is an extension of two months for the subscription - please inform us by mail about it afterwards, and for each accepted suggestion or bug fix, 6 full months are granted!

We are not able to answer questions or comments posted in the iTunes reviews.
We do our best to offer a seamless experience to our users, but if you experience bugs or want new features added, you are invited to mail us to [email protected] or submit the form in our website, or even more simply by clicking the envelop button directly in the app, so to allow us to know more about the issues.
Fabrizio Bartolomucci