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Impact Watch App counts your calories and converts them into meals for kids in need.

Impact is India's first fitness app with a social purpose.

Calories for Calories is Impact's exclusive campaign only for Apple watch users where for every 500 calories you burn and donate, we will share 1 meal with a hungry child.

More than 3 Crores (30 Million) kids sleep hungry every night in India. That's more than 7% of the country's youth. This percentage is similar for most countries.

DAILY CALORIES COUNT (Every calorie counts, literally!)
Impact App counts your calories throughout the day and you can donate them to convert them to meals. Every 500 Cals = 1 meal for charity.

BUILD YOUR STREAK (Be a consistent, goal achiever!)
Choose a daily calorie goal, and with it a daily meal sharing goal. Overachieve your daily fitness goal to build and maintain your streak. The more consistent you are, the more meals you share!

In short, you just have to get fit by walking or running with Impact and we do good on your behalf by partnering with companies. Awesome, isn't it?

So don't let your spent energy go to waste. Use it to solve world hunger, one step after another!
Make every calorie count with Impact.
Get Fit. Do Good.

We use HealthKit to monitor calories so that we can calculate on how many meals you can donate to feed hungry kids.
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