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ImageToDo is a productivity app to manage your daily reminders.
With this app you create todos extremely fast only using your camera.
You don't have to type in every todo manually.
Just take a picture of something you have to remind.
You can set two alerts which will send a local notification to remind you.
This app uses only local notification. This means you don't need an internet connection to use this app!

For Students: Capture your homework by camera and let the app remind you.

Attention: Your device needs a camera to use the full functionality.


- Fast todo creation by using the camera or the camera roll
- Chose up to 2 Alerts for your Todos
- Perfect list to see all todos with their due-dates
- Local notifications will remind you
- Add a Description for each todo
- Delete Todos with a simple swipe gesture
- Mark todos as done when you finished
- See the whole History of your completed todos