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I'm Good

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I'm Good

I'm Good-VIP enables anyone important to you (a VIP) to check-in daily based on a schedule you create. With the simple tap of a button, I'm Good-VIP lets you know that your VIPs are okay.

A friend or family member will download our companion App called I'm Good-F&F and send a VIP an invitation to download I'm Good-VIP. Once I'm Good-VIP is installed, the VIP will use a simple interface to check-in daily according to a configurable schedule. The VIP will be reminded to check-in halfway through their check-in window, while friends and family members will receive a notification if any VIP misses a check-in.

It's the perfect solution when you want to know someone you care about is “good” without requiring a phone call or a text exchange. No matter your geographic location, I'm Good-VIP combined with I'm Good-F&F can provide you with peace of mind that the people you care about most are okay without being intrusive or sacrificing their freedom.
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