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I'm Good

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I'm Good

I'm Good-F&F enables friends and family members to set a check-in schedule with loved ones and receive an alert if a check-in is missed. It's the perfect solution when you want to know someone you care about is “good” without requiring a phone call or a text exchange. No matter your geographic location, I'm Good-F&F can provide you with peace of mind that the people you care about most are okay without being intrusive or sacrificing their freedom.

Install I'm Good-F&F and invite someone important to you (a VIP) to download our companion App called I'm Good-VIP. Once your VIP accepts the invitation, you can create one or more check-in windows each day for your VIP to check-in and let you know they are "good". Your VIP will be reminded to check-in halfway through their check-in window, and you will get notified if any VIP misses a check-in. The main screen of I'm Good-F&F provides a current status for each of your VIPs and enables you to view their recent check-in history.

I'm Good-VIP is always free, and I'm Good-F&F comes with a free 2-week trial so you can try before you buy.

1. You have a parent or grandparent living alone, and you want to check on them each day without requiring a visit, phone call, or text exchange.
2. You want a convenient way for your child to let you know they are okay based on a schedule you create.
3. You have a family member who lives elsewhere, and you want a non-intrusive way to know they are okay each day that is simple and fast no matter their location.

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