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As the top intelligent hardware brand,iLONDA provides your home life,aquarium and pets with the advanced and convenient intelligent hardware management platform,which allows you to easily build up a smart life,and enjoy more pleasure it brings you to enter into the 2.0 era of your smart life.

丨With Global Internet connection, Control through the intelligent cloud technology.
.Through the interaction between mobile phones and our smart hardware, the connectivity of intelligent hardwares is realized, and our iLONDA intelligent cloud network has covered over 200 countries or regions around the world.

丨Strong security and Stronger response

. With millisecond-level response speed,
. Adopting multiple network communication protocols such as mqtt, http, tcp and udp
. Five-fold security design such as HTTPS, AES, one-machine dual-code, and dynamic password,
. Providing active and passive security services

丨Voice Control, Multilingualization
. Supports many kinds of voice intelligent control devices such as Amazon Echo, Google Home, IFTTT, Google Nest, Tmall Genius, and the APP interface has been within more than 16 language versions

丨Personalized customization, Following your inclinations.
. According to your personal use habits, the settings only belong to your personalized intelligence scene to open your new era of personalized intelligence.

丨Sharing your equipments with your families and friends
. Supports one-click sharing for your families and friends, sharing the iLONDA's smart life together.

丨Reassuring Housekeeper, Smart Reminder
. Real-time knowing well of all types of smart devices in your home,
24-hour taking care of your fish tanks and pets

丨More Functions, Waiting for your sharing
. More Functions, Newer versions, the Professional Smart Devices Provider - iLONDA accompany you to discover the future!
iLONDA Technology Co., Ltd.