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iLivestock Unlimited

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iLivestock Unlimited

iLivestock is designed to fit your farm and your routine, whatever that looks like. We don't believe limiting users to a certain way of working or using specific hardware benefits anyone.

iLivestock works on iPhones and iPads, and features an online portal for computer access. Working with multiple EID readers, weigh indicators and load bars, iLivestock can quickly and easily become your farm information hub.

iLivestock, works everywhere you do, online or offline using the latest technology, the application is automatically backed up your data and shares it across all of your devices.

What it does:

-Saves time, on average 8 hours per month.
-Reduces compliance paperwork and stress.
-Collects and stores data data for review, allowing better decision making.

How it does it:

-Usability - Clear information, accessed through easy navigation.
-Connectivity - Pairing options with multiple manufacturers.
-Accessibility - Available on multiple devices, with multiple users, with or without an internet connection.

Why it does it:

-To simplify farm compliance & record keeping.
-To remove cost barriers to effective livestock management and weighing.
-To allow data capture to fit seamlessly in to farming routines.
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