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You sure know the problem when you are out with your friends and you are sharing the costs of different things, but in the end nobody knows who owes whom money?

That is where your little helper iLend4Friends steps in!

With iLend4Friends taking care of your and your friends shared costs is really easy.
Thanks to the automatic calculation, all the cost will be fairly shared without having you in the trouble of doing the math your own.

To get you an quick and easy overview, we have created a user-profile system, where everybody of your friends can have a user profile.
Everything he owes or gets ist listed there.

So nobody has to worry what has been payed by whom.

Apple Watch:
To offer you a fast glance on the current cost situation, we integrated a connection to your apple watch. This shows you the most recent informations. You can access every userprofile from there.

User from addressbook:
You can add users really fast during the option "add user from addressbook". That allows your to write down your data in one swoop.

Its an simple, clean and fast little helper, that is in the stores from now on for free!
Andre Bongartz