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Overview: iInteract: i Feel, i Speak

iInteract: i Feel, i Speak app for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad is used by parents, therapists and special education teachers to promote basic communication skills.

iInteract is a portable basic communication board that a child can utilize to communicate their wants and needs on the go. Our app provides visual pictures paired with audio feedback. In the iInteract menu you can select a boy/girl voice so that your child can relate to the auditory response.

There are seven communication board choices that a child/caregiver or teacher can utilize to identify wants and needs as well as feelings. Each communication board has three to four picture choices that once touched enlarge and speak, sharing what the child has requested. A must have app for emerging communicators!


The application is based on the widely used practice to create communication boards that are used to help the children interact on a daily basis.

This application is a being developed jointly with my wife and her close friend who both have 20+ years helping children with special needs learn the skills necessary to live independent lives.

Our concept is to provide visual and audio feedback to the child's selection on the screen. In the future our thinking is to make it highly customizable and easy to navigate for daily activities and allow it to grow with the child.
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