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Trade with your hand!!!

Traders have always faced a problem which is to bring their laptop everywhere because they need to track their trades from time to time. This will not happen to IGOFX users because the mobile trading app is officially launched now. IGOFX mobile app provides traders with an easier platform to make their trade and track their trading flows. Users can make profits at anytime and anywhere by only using their smartphones. Let’s see how the mobile app and our smartwatch trading can be functional to your trades.

The functionality available in IGOFX mobile app:
Login anytime and anywhere with user's registered account.
User can edit their profile anytime.
QR code sharing and get the agent code for referral purposes.
User may contact IGOFX support center anytime for any inquiries.
Make deposit and withdrawal anytime and anywhere.
User able to view their transaction record and status from time to time.
User able to share the app through their social media platform such as Facebook, Whatsapp, and etc.
User able to adjust their trading account leverage at anytime.
User able to apply as Fund Manager.
User able to invest on their selected Fund Manager.
Local Depositor:
User able to apply as local depositor and perform fund deposit, fund withdrawal and interLD transfer.
Signal Provider:
User able to receive every latest trading signal notification from their subscription.
User able to react to the signal instantly.
User can view current OPEN or CLOSE order.

The functionality available in IGOFX Smartwatch:
User able to view account details and profits in ACCOUNT page.
Market watch is available in watch now! Users must subscribe the symbols from web panel and it will show in Market Watch page.
User may tap on symbols and start to place order. Moreover, they are also able to place order in Price or in Pips form.
User able to receive signals from their subscribed signal provider.
User able to place Instant/Pending order by tapping on the signal in signals list.
User able to view current OPEN and CLOSE order.
User able to check order details and close order from OPEN order list.
User able to link with multiple trading accounts.
User able to login and switch between multiple linked trading accounts.
Link to IGOFX website to know more.

You can not only trade with your Iphone or Ipad now but you can start to trade with your apple Watch. Download our app now and start trading with your devices!
Ritesh Shah