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Think of it as your “Electronic Toolbox”. The iGadget App for iPhone and Apple Watch features a variety of useful and entertaining gadgets, each with a delightfully “retro” analog appearance.

Currently, the iGadget App supports the following Gadgets:

• Altimeter
• Barometer
• Compass*
• Hygrometer
• Magnifying Glass*
• Metronome*
• Ruler*
• Speedometer
• Spirit Level*
• Sundial
• Telescope*
• Thermometer
• Vertical Speed Indicator
• VU Meter
• Weather Vane

* Indicates Gadgets supported by iPhone only.

Altimeter - The Altimeter Gadget displays your altitude as either a standard aviation Altimeter, or as a ‘digital’ gauge, both of which are calibrated in either meters or feet.

Barometer - Displays the atmospheric pressure at your current location, with readout in hPa, mmHg and inHg.

Compass - We all want to know where we’re going, don’t we? Now your iPhone can show you at a glance your current compass heading. Just like a ship’s compass, the entire dial of the Compass Gadget rotates, so the North arrow always points to magnetic North.

Hygrometer - Displays the humidity level (%) at your current location.

Magnifying Glass - Use the iPhone's camera to view small objects and text at 10x magnification.

Metronome - Select a frequency between "Grave" (42 beats per minute) and "Prestissimo" (208 beats per minute).

Ruler - Have you ever needed to measure something, but couldn’t lay your hands on a ruler? Just use your iPhone! This Gadget displays a ruler, precisely calibrated to the size of your iPhone’s screen. Yet another reason to love the larger screen-size of your iPhone 6/6s/7 Plus!

Speedometer - View your current speed using one of several classic automobile or motorcycle speedometers.

Spirit Level - Use your iPhone as a (relatively inaccurate!) Spirit Level, to measure the level of your desk, for example.

Sundial - An electronic sundial which automatically rotates the Sundial’s face so that it is orientated to the equator, whether you are in the Northern or Southern hemisphere. During daylight hours, the Sundial Gadget displays the shadow cast by the electronic ‘gnomon’ (that’s the name for the pointy thing on a Sundial). So you can use the sun’s shadow to read the time of day at your current location, even if it’s cloudy/raining. Just don’t expect it to tell you the time after sunset!

Telescope - Displays the camera image magnified 2x, 5x or 10x.

Thermometer - Displays the ambient temperature for your current location, based on local weather reports. Calibrated in degrees Centigrade and Fahrenheit.

Vertical Speed Indicator - Displays your vertical speed, as per a standard aviation VSI gauge. Calibrated in thousands of feet per minute or thousands of meters per minute.

VU Meter - Displays the ambient noise level, as detected by the microphone of your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Weather Vane - Displays the wind speed and direction at your current location. The vane's needle points into the wind, while the wind's strength is indicated by the speed at which the anemometer spins.


On the iPhone, use the Gadget Gallery to select a specific Gadget. Alternatively, swipe right or left to step through the list of supported Gadgets.

You can also select your preferred language, units, source of weather data (currently only OpenWeatherMap), Altimeter (analog or 'digital') and Speedometer.

The 'Favourites' button allows you to register your Favourite Gadgets and step between them instantly.

On Apple Watch, the main menu allows you to select which of the supported Gadgets you wish to view.

All relevant Settings (e.g. language, units) are automatically transferred from your iPhone to your Apple Watch. Two exceptions are:
• You can select a different Speedometer face on Apple Watch if you prefer, via 3D Touch on the Speedometer Gadget.
• You can select a different Altimeter mode on Apple Watch if you prefer, via 3D Touch on the Altimeter Gadget.
Paul Manson