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IFS Streams

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IFS Streams

Note: IFS Streams on mobile devices, including smartwatches is released under a limited support clause. This means bugs can be reported, but will be attended to at the discretion of IFS.

IFS Streams presents notifications from business object subscriptions, workflow tasks, IFS Talk conversations and business events in IFS Applications in a consolidated, easy-to-use information stream. In short—one place to check, to stay updated when things happen that are important to you.

You can filter notifications by their type, and, flag important ones so that you don’t lose track of them. IFS Streams can be used in Try Me mode with demo data without having to login and with no internet connectivity.

In order to use IFS Streams with your company’s IFS Applications installation(s) you will require a valid IFS Touch Apps Subscription. Streams requires IFS Applications 9.
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