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iformula pro

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iformula pro

iformula pro is much more than a simple math equation library app like other apps, it is a math productive learning platform and has become a standard for higher math education at schools and universities !

iformula pro was specially developed for academic students, engineers, high school students, math course students and for math home schooling and distance learning, as well as a refresher for scientist with higher mathematics skills and all people, who are interested in math.

Failing an exam or can't go on with your calculations, because not knowing an equation, belong to the past !

iformula pro app includes the following functions:

► Math equation topics, more than 4000 of math equations included:

* Areas, Planes
* Analysis
* Binomials
* Bodies
* Complex Numbers
* Constants
* Derive
* Differential Equation
* Fractions
* Geometric Constructions
* Geometry
* Graphic Functions
* Greek Alphabet
* Integration
* Logarithm
* La Place
* Power
* Probability
* Quadratic Equations
* Roots
* Series, Sequences
* Trigonometry
* Units
* Statistical distributions
* Distribution tables
* and much more

► App functions:

* Full featured equation and math topics search functionality (search for thousands of math topics)
* New Scientific calculator (re-engineered)

* Notes system for important equation notes

* Bookmarking system for your favorite equations !

* Full app dual language support: English & German

* Search for all topics and categories

* Dark mode support !

All math formulas and functions are included in the app no need to download anything !

There is no need of carrying around heavy paper mathematics library books anymore - iformula is your right choice !

This app does not include any annoying advertisement !!

That powerful validation, and our reputation for safety, durability, reliability, and ease of use, has also driven our consumer dedication further than ever anticipated. Moving forward, our commitment to "Perfection" remains steadfast: We will never compromise quality. We will continue to invest tremendous resources in the technology and talent necessary to improve our products wherever possible; and we will always strive to deliver maximum customer satisfaction! Exclusion of liability ! Exclusion of warranty and guarantee !
Tobias Werner