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iEnterprise Mobile

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iEnterprise Mobile

Welcome to iEnterprise Mobile, formally known as Swift MEAP.

iEnterprise Mobile is an ideal tool to make your salesforce, customer service technicians and professional services personnel more productive. iEnterprise Mobile is a fully functional and highly configurable app designed to run on your iPad or iPhone device enabling you to access enterprise data sources such as Oracle, Salesforce, iEnterprise CRM, Microsoft CRM, SQL databases and many more, while away from your office. Your data is stored locally on your device and you access information directly from your iPad or iPhone even when you are outside of cellular/Wifi network coverage.

iEnterprise Mobile is a multi-user, server based solution, which can be used by your entire company. It can be hosted by iEnterprises or deployed behind your firewall.

The client application is free to use however to access your corporate data source you will need to connect to an iEnterprise Mobile server, please contact iEnterprises, [email protected] for details.

If you wish to try the disconnected version of the application, select "Use local data" after installation, to explore how your data source information would be displayed on an iPad.
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