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by niApps
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by niApps
iEmmy is optimised for the Apple Watch. Choose your workout plan ... Put on your favourite music ... Switch off your iPhone and put it in your pocket ... Your Apple Watch will take over

▷ Optimised for the Apple Watch
▷ Timer with pauses
▷ Multiple databases
▷ Your own workout plan and exercises
▷ Support for HealthKit

iEmmy will use the HealthKit integration to show you the activity ring from the Health app. With a single touch on your Apple Watch iEmmy will show you the activity ring.

You can use multiple databases : eg. 1 for the gym and 1 for your exercises at home.

In the gym I use my Apple Watch and I keep track when, how long and how often I have been training.

I choose my workout plan ... my favourite music and then I switch off my iPhone. My Apple Watch will take over and I keep my iPhone in my pocket.

At home I do it differently. Every morning I do my pushups. Other schemes and other exercises and therefore a different database.

I only use my iPhone at home. During my workouts I leave my iPhone next to me and iEmmy will give an alarm to get ready for the next set.

iEmmy ... your personal trainer on your Apple Watch