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iDrunk Pro

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iDrunk Pro

iDrunk, A Must have for everyone who enjoys nightlife! :)

"If you want to track your drinking then iDrunk Pro is a very thorough and useful app with a lot of nice features, such as the graph section." (9/10)

Equip your iPhone with a fully blown tool for keeping track of drinks and calculating your bac based on them.

iDrunk is a polished application that keeps track of all drinks you have entered and shows you your blood alcohol content at the moment.

iDrunk remembers all entries you have made so you don't have to type in every drink every time you want to see your bac.


-Shows blood alcohol content in permilles.
-Lets you add drinks to your history by
drink type, volume (fl oz or cl) and alcohol percentage.
-Fully editable drink history.
-Companion watch app.

Configurable information:
-weight (lb or kg)
-input in fl oz or cl
-option to clear the history completely or to clear entries
that are older than a week/month/year.
-configurable values for green/yellow/red values in meter. (settings app)

Please note that there is no blood alcohol calculator that is 100% accurate because of the number of factors that come into play. Do not rely on these results to drive or work. Never drink and drive. This Application is for entertainment and informational purposes only and is not to be relied upon as legal advice.
Dirty Window Productions