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How many times have you wondered about the last time you did something? And how many times you forgot to do this thing?

How long don't you call your parents? And how many times you did it in the last month?
Have you went to the dentist in the past six months? Have you ever forgot to take your medicine?

iDone makes tracking important tasks much easier and much more pleasant. With a simple and beautiful interface, you can see important information about your tasks with convenient gestures.

Count everything, every hour.

Insist on good things:
- How many times did you drink water today?
- How many awesome moments you had this year?
- How many times have you worked on your project in the last month?
- Last time you read a great book?

Avoid bad habits:
- Last time you smoked? How many times have you smoked in the last week?
- Last time you arrived late on your job?
- How many times you felt angry?

- Quick access to any information.
- Beautiful and simple interface.
- Convenient gesture to count, add, edit, undo, give priority in the list and delete tasks.
- Notifications based on interval since last time you done something.
- History log of all your activities.

Keep tracking of your important tasks - iDone!
Matheus Cavalca