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by 阳 孙
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by 阳 孙
"Every time you do it, it's worth recording."

At present, sensors can record so many kinds of activities, how could this one be missing? This APP can record certain sports performed by men alone through mobile phones or watches.

·Dedicated health management, which can record your time, times, and frequency, and also generate an intuitive line chart for display
·More abundant statistical functions, supporting aggregated viewing by week, month, and year dimensions, and supporting calendar view

It currently supports heart rate statistics and synchronization to exercise apps. Come and give it a try.

This app does not collect any information, and all functions are based on local. If you are worried, you can use it offline (only in-app purchases require an Internet connection to unlock)
The app can be tried for free for 7 days with full functions (some functions will be restricted after 7 days. If the app can help you, I hope you can pay to support it)
阳 孙