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iDentist dental appointment

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iDentist dental appointment

iDentist dental clinic management app will make running your dental practice more cost-effective. Our dental scheduling system will makes a patient schedule efficient. You will be able to prevent broken appointments and empty chairs with SMS reminders system.

iDentist app automatically reminds patients about their appointments. This will help patients be on-time so that the schedule moves smoothly. It's a dentistry cloud-based solution for the clinic that runs from all of your devices, making it easy to access from anywhere, whether in the office or on the go.

iDentist app has the following features:
- Weekly and monthly calendar for dental planning.
- The app can be simultaneously used by several doctors.
- Mobile and PC versions of the app.
- Scheduling of SMS appointment reminders.
- Online booking.
- Dental appointments planner - you can easily schedule a medical appointment.
- Medical history of patients.
- Ability to create a copy of your patient records in PDF format.
- Patient birthday reminders.
- Ability to keep track your dental clinic expenses.
- Advanced financial reports.
- X-rays images.

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