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Icy Vision

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Icy Vision

Icy provides contextual location information for visually impaired people.

Icy has been designed, developed and tested alongside the visually impaired community. It takes advantage of VoiceOver accessibility information and has a simple high contrast interface for partially sighted users. The application works even with the phone screen locked and in your pocket. It can be controlled using the remote control on the bundled headphones ( allowing you to silence Icy, or request more information) and via Apple Watch.

How can Icy help?
Intersections - We'll tell you about registered intersections, if they're controlled and how to navigate them safely.

Hazards - If there are pre-identified hazards, we'll warn you about them and tell you the best way to avoid them.

Transit Information - When approaching a transit location, we'll tell you what services are soon to arrive and how long you will have to wait for them.

Business Services - As you get close to registered businesses, we'll tell you about the services they provide and the hours they're open.

Interior - Inside registered buildings, we'll tell you about elevators, bathrooms and other points of interest.

Points of Interest - Any extra places we think are important to you, we'll tell you about those as well.

We are working with community groups and local councils to grow the location information available to you.

Supports Apple Watch.

Currently, only limited locations within New Zealand have been added to the Icy platform. This will eventually expand and include locations around the world.

This application uses location checking the the background to notify a user when it is in range of a known location.
Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

If you have any feedback, please feel free to contact us via our support page.
Icy It Limited