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iCost -Cost Of Living

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iCost -Cost Of Living

iCost ---Cost Of Living!
---simple, lightweight, easy to use, fast, clear

Simple, easy to use:
- Intuitive, clear, without tutorials, and instantly started.
- Unparalleled quickly: three seconds to complete a

- Even more frightening is that does not require registration! No landing! No networking!

Quick Add:
- Click the '+' can be added, as well as calculator, oh!
- Click on a date, category, notes, select enter the appropriate information, or even pictures, photographs.
- The main interface 'to the right plan can open more functions.

A variety of charts:
- Income, expenditure, classification, curves, pie, year, month, day, many of the others have, precise, beautiful, easy to understand.

Freedom to customize:
- Free customizable currency, monthly budget, custom mobile Delete category.

 Fixed income:
- Do not have to repeatedly add daily, weekly, fixed income, and simply set a fixed budget, you can automatically add

 Security Accounts:
- Can be password protected, iCloud backup,Local Data Backup, data export.
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