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iCE Angel

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iCE Angel

Emergencies and accidents can happen anywhere, anytime. iCE Angel - ID™ offers total peace of mind for you and your family. “iCE” stands for “in case of emergency”. It is the world's first comprehensive global medical alert and emergency identification system that provides the double safety of:

(i) A panic button on your phone and smartwatch for rapid self-activation;
(ii) An emergency QR code displayed on your phone lock screen, or a wallet card that any Angel (rescuer) can simply scan to activate an alert on your behalf if you are unconscious or unable to trigger your own panic button.

Emergency alert notifications and your location¹ are instantly sent to your selected family members via multiple channels including app push notification, email, Facebook Messenger, and website notification.

Everyone and anyone can greatly benefit from iCE Angel – ID™:

> Older adults with diminished physical or mental health
> Young kids that cycle to school and play outdoors
> Chronic illness patients
> Critical allergy sufferers
> International travelers
> Sport and outdoor enthusiasts
> Adventurers and explorers
> Daily commuters

In addition to triggering and sending emergency alerts, and displaying digital COVID-19 certificates², the app is also fully integrated with our web-based platform. This will enable your selected family members to securely access and share your custom pre-set “Rescue Wallet” from anywhere in the world to facilitate your rescue in your time of need:

+ Insurance details: health, travel, life, and any other insurance policies;
+ Medical information: doctor details, blood type, allergies, medication use, COVID-19 tests, immunizations, medical conditions, surgical history, family medical history, and organ donor status;
+ Other records: living will, and other emergency disclosures.

To protect your privacy, your “Rescue Wallet” will only be accessible by your selected family members when an alert has been triggered, and for a period of 48 hours thereafter. We never view, access, share, or use your data in any way or form.

Of course, you yourself can securely access your own “Rescue Wallet” anytime and from anywhere - and this is especially useful when having to fill out that required lengthy medical history questionnaire each time you visit a new doctor or hospital; or when urgently needing a copy of your lost passport whilst travelling abroad.

What’s more is that we’re probably the only platform that enables you to add and administer multiple member profiles via your single account - such as ageing parents that may be less tech-savvy, or children that are too young, or a spouse that is too busy. Each individual member will still be uniquely identified by his or her own personal panic button and emergency QR code – and have access to their own COVID-19 Smart Pass.

Our mission is to save lives and reduce trauma in event of an emergency by creating the most efficient and accessible medical alert and emergency identification system in the world. You could help us help others by sharing our service. We are deeply grateful to you for being part of our “Angel” network.

For further information about our app and platform, go to

¹ Location availability and accuracy is dependent on several factors including the device’s location settings, the availability of GPS signal, and the accuracy and availability of Cell ID and WI-FI location databases.

² Digital certificates are made available in collaboration with various partners.
iCE Angel - ID