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Do you want to keep track of all the times you had it, with whom, for how long, what positions, how many times, where and how it was?
Now you can! With iBoogie you can keep track of all times you had it and many more spicy details.

Checkout a walkthrough on Youtube:

iBoogie will keep track of your every experience. You just tap the Boogie button and mind your business.

Play your songs playlist directly from the app.

100 funniest xxx jokes for after you're done ;).

----------- USERS REVIEWS ------------

"great app - works good, as long as you have what to fill in ;)I do!"

"Good App - The idea behind the app is a good one , because I haven't seen anything resembling it before. It is intuitive and quite fun to use it.Have a nice iBoogie time !"

Features of your every performance:

1. Multiple Partners: name, picture, phone number
2. Was it safe or not?
3. Country and City, address, GPS Location, driving directions
4. 40+ positions
5. Save your impressions on the experience you just had
6. 5-star rate every time you had xxx

iBoogie creates statistics for you:

1. How much of it you had, EVER.
2. All Partners -> all sessions by partners
3. All the Countries and Cities you had it in and the number of times you did -> all sessions by locations
4. Average experience duration
5. Total amount time you been busy
6. 5-star average rating of all boogie - woogie times
7. All sessions
8. Sessions in a certain period of time

Competitive much? You get - Best of - categories are:

1. Best Rated
2. Longest duration
3. Most number of times

Calendar - Search - Edit - Add new in Archive

- Add / Edit experiences after you had them - offline mode archive
- Search entire archive by partner's name or initials
- Password protection if you want to set it up
- Archive tabbar badge if you go multiple times it will show you the path

For couples iBoogie offers a default data section where you can store your usual partner, country, city, etc...

Delete entire history (all archive) in 2-tap steps.

Hide experiences with certain people by deleting all the times you had it with them with 2-taps.
Radu Turcas