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The IBfit app delivers a unique experience to each athlete by combining custom workout programming with habit and nutrition coaching. IBfit coaches have the ability to track client progress live and communicate with clients through messenger and video. IBfit coaches can confidently manage client progress from anywhere, giving you even more access!

On the client side, athlete’s pursue their habit and fitness goals daily and receive feedback from their coaches, track workouts live, log food directly inside the app, participate in group challenges, and so much more to stay motivated. Clients can connect their apple watch to the app and data shows up on their profile.

The IBfit app is for anyone who is participating in an IBfit online program. Clients must have a current program running with an IBfit coach or attending the IBfit gym to have access.

Features of the app

You receive your own calendar that contains your scheduled workouts, habits and nutrition goals to check off each day.

Your coaches can build custom workout programs for you and can share master programs with you for challenges.

You can record your workout progress live or later on. Your workouts contain video demos of movements.

You can log your food directly in the app. The app features a barcode scanner to make tracking calories and macronutrients easier and faster.

You have access to a full library of recipes with macros. You can also receive meal plans custom from your coaches or built from the app.

You can communicate with other clients in the group chat on the app and can communicate with your IBfit coaches.

You can connect your smart watch to the app so your data reflects in the app and coaches can watch you reach your fitness goals and celebrate wins!

You can store your progress pictures directly in the app.

You can book your spot in a workout or book a virtual meeting with your coaches.
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