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iAlpha Remote

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iAlpha Remote

iAlpha Remote is the shutter release, setting review and customize application for Sony Alpha A900, A850 or A700 DSLRs. You can control Aperture, Shutter speed, ISO, exposure compensation and flash compensation.
You can take a shoot and review your image on a big IPhone screen. Easy way to scroll it and zoom.
Very useful for catalogue shooting, difficult angle shots, sport, animal shooting, architecture, HDR or any purposes bracketing shooting. This list is limited only by your imagination.

--------- Important note ----------

You need one of Sony Alpha A900 or A850 or A700 DSLR, computer with WIFI. Laptop is more suitable and convenient but a desktop can be used as well.
You need to download a server part of the software. Use the following link to request your server copy The server part must be installed on the computer. Then you need to connect you camera to that computer via USB cable. Camera must be in "Remote PC" mode.
Contact us via the support link below if you have any additional questions.
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