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I LOCK IT The Smart Bike Lock

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I LOCK IT The Smart Bike Lock

I LOCK IT - Smart security for your bike
With the I LOCK IT app you can connect your iPhone to your ILOCKIT smart bike lock. Use the app to keyless access your bike, receive alerts when your bike is in danger and grant access to friends and family.
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Its features include:

Automatic unlocking: Once you are in general proximity to your bike the I LOCK IT app will automatically connect to your smart bike lock.
And once you get closer to your bike I LOCK IT will automatically unlock for you. The distance you want I LOCK IT to unlock for you can be manually set within the I LOCK IT app.

Easy locking: After your ride ILOCKIT will comfortable secure your bike against theft.
Just press the button on the lock for about 3 seconds and you are ready to go. Of course you can also lock the bike using the app or your apple watch.

Theft alarm: If ILOCKIT is locked, multiple motion sensors keep track of any movements of your bike. Through an intelligent evaluation I LOCK IT realizes if there is any kind of manipulation on the lock or if your bike is being carried away. In this case, I LOCK IT will start a 110-dB loud alarm sound. This sound will inform nearby people and scare the thieve off.

GPS Tracking: Track your bikes current location in case it gets stolen.

Configuration: With the I LOCK IT app you can configure your lock the way you want to use it. Enable and disable automatic unlocking. Change the proximity, disable and enable the alarm function. Share your bike with friends and family and many more things.

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