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I know countries!

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I know countries!

I know the countries - or maybe not all of them? Where do I find Bosnia-Herzegovina? And what is the Capital of Ivory Coast?
Explore the world in a playful way - touch a country with your finger, see the flag, and listen to the country and capital name. Or select the country from the alphabetic list - quick and easy!

Now turn it around: In game mode, find countries for each continent, or for the whole world. Listen to a country name first, then touch it with your finger - do you find each country?
In Game Center you can view your achievements, and also the time you took to find all countries. Challenge your friends - who can do it faster?

In automatic mode countries are presented at random - you can learn by just watching and listening.

The app is completely based on Apple maps, including all details to zoom in. You will quickly learn to navigate the map and find countries and cities, and soon you will be able to say "I know countries!".

Download the app now, and start exploring the world at the tip of your finger!