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I Don't Smoke — enjoy the quitting!

by Theros
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I Don't Smoke — enjoy the quitting!

by Theros
It really works and costs less than a pack of cigarettes — the most beautiful, simple and modern way to quit smoking.

Quit smoking easily, stay a non-smoker and enjoy your life with the help of ‘I Don't Smoke.’

Our app creates a positive motivation for quitting, rather than common fear tactics. ‘I Don't Smoke’ will get you through the rough patches after you have your last cigarette and will be there for you every step of the way.

You’re making the right decision. Begin your journey now and say with us: I DON’T SMOKE.

- Tell us how long you’ve been smoking for and how much you smoke per day.
Set a quit date.
- Get professional advice and inspiring motivation each day.
- There are no negative strategies or horror stories inside! We appeal to pleasant emotions that empower you and make your day full of :)
- See how much money you’re saving and how your health is improving in real-time.
- Shake your iPhone when you're going through severe cravings: we will help you through them.
- Share your achievements on social media.
- Participate in a ranking and see how other people are doing. You’re not alone!
- Invite your friends to be non-smokers together ;)

‘I had smoked for more than 15 years. Now I don't smoke. WOW!’, exclaimed John.

‘I quit smoking in two weeks. It was easy, with no fear but a smile. Thank you!’, says Nick after 10 years of smoking.

Julia, who smoked for 2 years, told us how she feels. ‘I fell in love with the charming swipes and background clouds while I quit. Thank you.’

‘I Don't Smoke’ methods are constantly updating, that's why the App needs Internet access. If any problems occur, write to so we could help. And don't forget not to smoke — it'll be better this way ;)