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I am always late

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I am always late

Make it easy to travel, with an address already stored in your contacts, address stored with an event:

1. Use 3rd party Apps to navigate without the need to copy and paste addresses from your calendar or contacts.
2. Use your Apple Watch and send a destination address to a 3rd party App or website for navigation via your iPhone.
3. Use your Apple Watch, select a contact already stored on your iPhone via the ‘I always late’ App, tap the address and get directions to your friend.
4. Avoid complicated telephone directions, let your secretary, your personal assistant, your wife, your husband, your clever teenager add a new event with an address remotely (via the Cloud or Directory services) to your family or work calendar. Refresh you calendar or contacts, get directions to the new event or contact.
5. Upgrade to full version and get more features.

Choose from more than one Maps App to give you directions, choose the one you like the most.

1. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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