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Hypno Hexagon

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Hypno Hexagon

Hypno Hexagon is a fast paced workout game for your Apple Watch, that can also be played on iOS devices, and even in the iOS Widget.
* Control the game entirely with your body movements!
* Spin, twist, and turn your body to navigate the endless hexagonal maze.
* Play sessions are recorded as Fitness Gaming workouts that can be reviewed in the Health app on your iOS devices.
* Monitor your burned calories and heart rate while you play.
* Don't have a Series 5 or newer Watch, or want more traditional controls? No problem - Standard Game mode offers digital crown control, and works on older Apple Watch models.
* iOS game can be played by spinning your device, or tapping the screen.
* Perfectly smooth 60fps, fast paced action, that will leave you sweating.
* Daily, Weekly and All-Time Leaderboards - compete with other players around the world for the top score every day.
* The game can be fully played for free, and has no ads.
* Hypnotic tunnel available to unlock on iOS and Watch, with a single in-app purchase. Support this game's development by unlocking it, and experience some of the most intense visuals you can have on your Watch!

The game does not send your workout or health data anywhere. This data stays on your devices, and can be reviewed in the Health app.

Hypno Hexagon is based on Terry Cavanagh's amazing Super Hexagon. The game is made with Terry's approval.
Featuring Music by Matthew Klingensmith:
Marko Radakovic