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Hyperion Remote

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Hyperion Remote

Control your lights connected to Hyperion with your iPhone or Apple Watch! Set colors and beautiful light effects easily with this Hyperion Remote! Works with every light that is controllable via your Hyperion server.

• Use the intuitive color wheel to set your favorite colors
• Control beautiful light effects with ease
• Use the timesaving and handy widget
• Adjust color transformations through this app
• Save your favorite colors for quick usage
• Hyperion detects your servers automatically
• Add multiple Hyperion servers
• Illuminate your room using your Apple watch

The handy widget can be displayed in your today-view of your notification center and has shortcuts to use your last color or effect or to clear the light - change the light in your room without opening the app - in seconds!

Works with every device Hyperion works with, including LED-strips (like WS2812b), Lightberry, AdaLight, Lightpack, Paintpack and many more!

This app communicates with your device using Hyperion's embedded JSON interface. To be able to send commands to the Hyperion server it has to be reachable over your network via tcp/ip.

For more information about Hyperion see
Andreas Ganske