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Simple, quick and precise Hyper focal distance calculator for your iPhone and Apple Watch. You can use it for any type of camera, sensor size and lens combination!

The hyperfocal distance is the closest distance at which a lens can be focused while keeping objects at infinity acceptably sharp. When the lens is focused at this distance, all objects at distances from half of the hyperfocal distance out to infinity will be acceptably sharp.

We love photography in Fripito and We would like make it easer for you! Hyperfocalc will bring you more features soon.

Are you missing something, let us know at [email protected]. Thanks!

Supported localisations:
- US English
- Czech (Čeština)
- Slovak (Slovenčina)
- German (Deutsch)
- Spanish (Español)



Aplikace nabízí rychlý a přesný výpočet hyperfokální vzdálenosti pro zvolené ohnisko a clonu. Výpočet můžete provádět na Apple Watch či iPhonu.
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