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HW Time! for Apple Watch

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HW Time! for Apple Watch

How often do you think "What was the homework again?" and then go crazy texting all your friends to find out?

Face it, nobody uses homework planners anymore. With technology where it is today, nobody wants to carry around a book to write their homework in. Some people download apps onto their iPhones and iPads to write their homework in, but after a few weeks of using it they get lazy and don't feel like typing all their assignments in anymore.

Now, what if you can note your homework with less then five quick taps on your wrist? HW Time makes this possible.

Honestly, most people don't even need to write down the fine details of there homework. If you just remember that you have, for example, "Math Worksheet" then you wouldn't need to know anything else.

Simply open HW Time on your Apple Watch, tap "add assignment", choose the class, task, and priority, then save. Now you have a quick homework note taken down and it only took you a few seconds and you didn't even need to take your phone out. HW Time will make you more organized and you will never have to worry about forgetting the homework again.

Created by Jacob Banks and Mitchell Sweet
Mitchell Sweet