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Hush Browser

by Qool
Paste this code into your website: Customize

Hush Browser

by Qool
Beauty in simplicity. Dim your screen with swing of a hand.
Just place the device into horizontal position, or turn upside-down.
Turn the device back face-up to see your content.

» Prevents others to watch over your shoulder while you browse privately
» Safari Extension allows you to Hush with any webpage
» Remote control (Show/Hide) using Apple Watch
» Full accessibility for visually impaired users
» Without custom image, screen is dimmed with brightness (actually saves battery)

• School
• Public (Transport, Bank, Post Office)
• Work (a.k.a the Boss Screen)

Use Share -> Hush in Safari to open a web page in Hush View and let it immediately disappear by placing your device on a table or upside down.

For your safety, the application does not track/cache any viewed content at all.