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Hurma Cat for Watch

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Hurma Cat for Watch

The very first game which is developed especially for your Apple Watch. It takes you to mysterious world of Hurma Cat, the cat which fell asleep and found itself in the open space. The only thing left to do for cat in this situation is, obviously, fruits collection. But the space is dangerous and full of scary enemies!

Help Hurma Cat to go through it and collect as many fruits as possible till it wakes up!
The rules are:
-Use your Apple Watch accelerometer to lead the cat in right direction (simply by moving your wrist)
-Collect fruits
-Avoid bombs dropped by angry cats (if you face one, the cat wakes up!)
-Push angry cats not to let them drop bombs and eat your fruits
-Have fun!

The app is absolutely autonomic and is based on the mechanism which consists of only Apple Watch capacities.

IMPORTANT: Apple Watch has an inclination to fall asleep when you don't touch the screen for some time. As our app is based on accelerometer functions, touching the screen is not necessary. So if your device falls asleep just touch the screen to continue. Also, we highly recommend to do following changes in your settings:
1. Settings --> General --> Wake Screen --> Wake screen of wrist raise --> Turn off
2. Settings --> General --> Wake Screen --> Wake for 70 seconds

Hurma Cat doesn't contain any advertisements and registration forms. It's purely offline game.
Ivan Brazhnikov