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Hunting Decoys

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Hunting Decoys

Are you fond of hunting or birdwatching? Then you must have this app on your device! Bring hundreds of different bird sounds with you!

With Hunting Decoys and Birdwatching you can hold in the palm of your hand over 200 extremely realistic and top quality sounds of birds. The app has been optimized to minimize the battery consumption, so as to assure hours of uninterrupted reproduction

Whether you are a hunter or a keen birdwatcher, with this app you will always have at disposal all the decoys you need, within a single purchase. No in-app purchase and no separated download. Buying Hunting Decoys and Birdwatching you always have at disposal ALL bird decoys available in the app (over 200, and many more will be added in the future versions!)

Here are some of the functions of Hunting Decoys and Birdwatching - Bird Sounds:
* List of decoys sorted in alphabetical order, easy to look up thanks to the index and a practical search capability
* Favorites: is there a decoy you often use and you don't want to look up for it every time? Add it to your favorites list!
* Apple Watch: start and pause your favorite decoys using your Apple Watch!
* Loop Reproduction: every decoy will be reproduced indefinitely, until you decide to stop it. To save energy you can leave the app in the background and put the device in standby ... the decoy will continue to be played!
* Reproduction on external devices: Connect your device by Bluetooth or by cable to your favorite speakers to maximize the power of the sound.
* Preview of the decoy (only for devices that support 3D touch): Press down on a decoy to preview it or to access to some features.

Do you need a decoy which is not in the app? Write at and you will find it in the next version!

*** WARNING! In some countries the use of hunting decoys may be prohibited! Use the app as a hunting decoy only as permitted by law! ***
Vincenzo Mennella