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We are named HumanForest because that’s our vision of what our great city will become.
As a tree removes CO2 from the atmosphere, people opting to make their journey on a HumanForest e-bike emit zero greenhouse gases. Working together, trees and people can drastically reduce the amount of CO2 in the air – they become a HumanForest.
We invite everyone to join the sustainable travel movement, make cycling second nature and create a greener, more sustainable future for our planet.

Download the app and start reForesting London today!

How HumanForest works:

-Every user gets 10 daily free minutes to use HumanForest, no unlock fee.
-Once the 10 daily free minutes are used up, riders can:
a)Redeem minutes issued by one of our partners;
b)Pay £0.15p per minute.

How to ride:

1. Download the HumanForest app.
2. Open the app to find nearby HumanForest e-bikes in the map.
3. Unlock your free electric bike ride by scanning the e-bike QR code. (Remember, no bike hire unlock fee!)
4. Ride, enjoy your daily free minutes and get where you want to go with HumanForest.
5. Once you’ve finished your ride, simply slide to lock. Park responsibly being mindful of your surroundings.

Remember HumanForest is only operational in Camden and Islington for this summer. You will be able to ride outside those boroughs, but you will need to end your ride within Camden and Islington boundaries.


• How do you get the free 10 minutes daily?

It’s easy - you just need a HumanForest account. Download the HumanForest bike app and create a HumanForest account.

• How does the free 10 minutes daily work?

10 minutes will be loaded to your account automatically daily. You can use your free 10 minutes daily in whichever way you wish across as many trips as you wish but just before midnight at 11.58pm, those minutes will expire. They can’t be carried over to be used the next day.

• What do I do after the free 10 minutes daily is used up?

You can pay £0.15p per minute or redeem a minutes vaucher from our partners. You can obtain minutes vouchers by buying a product or service from our partners companies. Also, you will from time to time be offered further free minutes by some of our partner companies so keep an eye out for those.

Use HumanForest e-bikes for:

-Your daily commute
-Going to or from tube/train/bus stations
-Visiting family and friends
-Going to class
-Taking an urban adventure
-Doing errands
-Exploring the city
-Having a good time outdoors
-Daily visits to the minimarket or convenience stores
-A green alternative to other e-bikes

In summary, you can use HumanForest and its daily free minutes for almost everything.

Want HumanForest in your city?

Go to our website and request it. We will be there before you notice!

You can call us HumanForest or Human Forest. #reForestLondon.
Human Forest Limited