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HumanForest eBike

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HumanForest eBike

We are named HumanForest because that’s our vision of what our great city will become.

As a tree removes CO2 from the atmosphere, people opting to make their journey on a HumanForest e-bike emit zero greenhouse gases. Working together, trees and people can drastically reduce the amount of CO2 in the air – they become a HumanForest.

We invite everyone to join the sustainable travel movement. Let’s make cycling second nature and create a greener, more sustainable future for our planet.

HumanForest offers a truly sustainable vision of more active, safer, greener cities. We are leading a micro-mobility revolution, offering ten minutes free riding on our shared e-bikes to everyone, everyday. We’re on a mission to build happier, healthier cities for all, reForesting our urban environment, one e-bike at a time.

Download the app and start reForesting London today!

- How do I use HumanForest?
It’s easy - download the HumanForest App and create an account.

- What do I need to do to get 10 minutes free daily?
This happens automatically. 10 minutes will appear in your account daily but they do expire at the end of each day.

- What do I do after my free 10 minutes daily is used up?
You can pay £0.19p per minute or redeem a minutes code from our partners.

- How to ride:
1. Download the HumanForest App
2. Open the App and locate an e-bike using the App Map
3. Scan the QR code to unlock the e-bike
4. Ride and start reForesting
5. End your ride within the App by sliding the 'End' button
6. Remember to park responsibly
Human Forest Limited