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Human to Cat Translator

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Human to Cat Translator

People saying about cat translator:
"I used it on my friends cat and said “it’s time for food” and she ran to the door and once we let her out she headed to her bowl of cat food." - Valries

"I can finally tell my cats stuff and they will understand. Like I told my cats it come out from under my bed in English and it didn’t work and then I used the translator and they came out." - jefferscats8

"I would like to say thank you for this app and you. Because if it wasn’t for this app. I would’ve lost my cat. This app helps me to get my cat back. :)" - TedAnthony

And one more thing
...Shake the phone or 3d touch to enter the hidden game :)

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"Meow meaw meuw maow" — whiskers the Cat

Cat Translator is the best cat translator on the app store :)
Dima Komar