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Huisman ETech Diagnostics

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Huisman ETech Diagnostics

Huisman Diagnostics is the mobile app for your Huisman Etech automation system. Receive alarms from your ship, machine or factory plant, wherever you are. Whether you are operating locally or monitoring remotely, with the Huisman Diagnostics mobile app you are always connected to your automation system.

- Actual Alarms -
In the actual alarms list you will find all alarms that are currently present in the automation system. See which alarms are new and which ones are already acknowledged.

- Alarms History -
In the history alarms list you can see what happened in the automation system. New, acknowledged and resolved alarms are visible in this list.

- Messages -
You decide which messages give notifications and which ones are only shown in the app itself.
Huisman ETech Experts